Terms of use

For provision of services to passengers in the VIP lounge, please:

  • Send a request in due time:
  • by fax (495) 788-73-63 (24 hours a day)
  • A request form shall be completed in Russian/English with printed characters and shall contain all necessary information. Please do not use any abbreviations.

  • Alternatively, you may use the personal website cabinet.
  • After sending your request through either channel, please contact us for confirmation of receipt of your request by telephone (495) 981-09-09, (24/7) and write down the name of our manager who accepted your request.
  • Should the User change any details in the request, this should be communicated to the Company over telephone (495) 981-09-09 (24/7).

Terms of VIP lounge use:

  • To enter a VIP lounge, please, come up to the reception desk, tell your flight number and your last name. The persons who come to meet or see off a passenger must specify their last names and the last name of the passenger whom they are to meet or see off, respectively, and must produce their identity papers. Please remember that persons meeting a passenger are admitted into the VIP lounge 30 to 40 minutes before the expected flight arrival time, and the persons seeing a passenger off are admitted into the VIP lounge not earlier than two (2) hours prior to the expected airplane departure time.
  • The passenger must arrive at the VIP lounge in due time to have enough time to check in for his/her flight. If the check-in is made in contravention of General Air Service Regulations later than 40 minutes prior to flight departure, the Company shall not guarantee quality or timeliness of services, nor shall it guarantee departure with the desired flight.
  • On leaving the aircraft, the passenger is met by a VIP lounge agent with a "VIP" sign. The passenger is to approach the VIP lounge agent, specify his/her last name and destination and departure points. Having met all VIP lounge passengers arriving with the same flight, the agent shall accompany them to the VIP lounge entrance.
  • It is strictly prohibited to enter a VIP lounge with arms, munitions, explosives, inflammable, toxic, radioactive or other hazardous objects or substances that can be used to cause a threat to safety, or can cause another emergency (aviation) incident. If this requirement is not followed, the Company shall be entitled to deny services to the User.
  • One cannot bring in or consume in a VIP lounge any food products or drinks (including alcohol beverages) purchased outside the VIP lounge.
  • Passengers shall pass through customs and border control procedures on their own.
  • All orders made in the VIP lounge bar are not inluded in the service price and are to be paid for separately.
  • Provision of VIP lounge services does not relieve passengers from undergoing departure security checks, as per Transport Ministry Decree No.104 issued on July 25, 2007 "On approval of airport departure and arrival security checks".

Special rules for passengers departing from
Sheremetyevo International Airport with Delta Airlines:

  1. According to internal regulations of Delta Airlines, when departing, passengers must show up at Delta's own check-in desk located in the common airport hall in order to check in for the flight and leave their checked baggage.
  2. If the passenger books VIP lounge service, he/she must come up to the reception desk at the VIP lounge, wherefrom he/she will proceed to Delta check-in desk together with a VIP lounge agent and, if necessary, a porter.
  3. After checking in for the flight and leaving their checked baggage, the agent will accompany the passenger back to the VIP lounge, in which all other departure formalities will be settled.