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LLC "Sheremetyevo VIP" has been an exclusive operator of VIP Lounges in terminals B, C, D, E, F of Sheremetyevo International Airport for more than 20 years, providing top quality service to Domestic and International Airlines passengers in VIP lounges.

Years of professional record, highly qualified "Sheremetyevo VIP" personnel certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation enable us to guarantee to Guests of Sheremetyevo Airport VIP lounges utmost comfort, the highest service quality and prompt resolution of virtually any matter related to their flight and their time at the airport.

Apart from the service of meeting and seeing off Guests, the company provides a whole range of services for air passengers: checking in for the flight, leaving checked bags in the VIP lounge, individual customs and passport control in specially dedicated areas, to name just a few. In case the aircraft is placed in a "remote" parking area, the passengers of VIP lounges are delivered to the aircraft by extra-comfortable shuttle buses. The company's loyal customers and holders of special cards enjoy additional service benefits.

Holders of Optima, Premium, Silver, Business Trip or Gold cards of "Sheremetyevo VIP" not only receive high-level service and enjoy all VIP lounge comforts, but are also relieved from the hassle of booking such airport services before every trip.


  • Services of VIP lounges of Sheremetyevo International Airport
  • Personal escorting: meeting and seeing off Guests of the VIP lounge from/to the aircraft stairs
  • Using special border and customs control areas
  • Enjoying VIP lounge restaurants and bars
  • Communication and office equipment, Wi-Fi
  • Conference rooms, separate meeting rooms for business appointments and conferences
  • Free of charge print media (popular and business publications)
  • Free of charge baggage packing
  • Quick delivery of baggage to the VIP lounge (on arrival) and handing them over to the owner
  • Enhanced security system
  • Transfers
  • Comprehensive service program for loyal customers and holders of special cards.

We will be pleased to see you among our regular customers!

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